I feel like I grew up in a darkroom. My dad worked for the local newspaper and so I spent a lot of time as a child watching journalists develop photographs and believing it was a type of magic._MG_0036

I love props, places, and playing with lighting. I love the candid moments that shake out of posed photo sessions and I love creating a space where people feel comfortable enough to allow some truth of who they are to become exposed.

I think it’s nerve-racking, personally, to be in front of a camera and I try and make it as painless as any shot can be.

When I was 18, I bought a one-way ticket to Paris. I had a few pairs of socks, a heavy Pea coat, a copy of Proust and my camera. I almost immediately ditched the coat and the book, and discovered that a camera and change of socks was all I needed.

I’ve lived in Israel, Prague and India. When I met my husband I found a permanent home. When I had my son I felt like I could see the whole world in his eyes and embraced a newfound patience for the moments, small and large. I really love capturing the sparks between people that make them feel alive and beautiful, because life is full of moments that are subtly amazing, and it all goes by so fast. To have some of those on permanent record, is comforting, no matter how awkward it feels to have them taken.

In my own life, as well as professionally, I try to capture moments of the story, because everyone has a story and I feel so fortunate every time I am able to be a part of someone else’s.